The Crustulum

I bought some Double Chocolate Cookies from ASDA a few days ago and forgot I'd left one in the bag.

As I discovered it, my heart grew heavy: it softly crumbled in the palm of my hand.

“I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.”

— me, internally


I thought it was hilarious. I needed to photograph it, give it an arty black and white edit with help from RNI Films, and share it here and on hiography's social channels, captioned “the way,” of course.

A photograph of a bag of cookies, vaguely resembling moutains and sand dunes as imagined in a dessert.
The WayiPhone 13 Pro

Then, the darndest thing happened.

I fell and stumbled into an alien perspective.

The view through my camera no longer reflected the reality I'd existed in a few seconds ago.

I saw sand dunes and mountains. It was cool, peaceful, and beautiful.

My heart and time froze as I gazed with awe.

I snapped a couple of shots and sat back up into my reality.

“What the fuck?”

— me, externally

The image data didn't transfer realities correctly. It wasn't quite a worthless pile of protoplasm, but it didn't capture what I saw.

I tweaked the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vibrancy, warmth, tint, definition, and vignette, then added a Fuji Astia 100F emulation in RNI.

A photograph of a bag of cookies, vaguely resembling moutains and sand dunes as imagined in a dessert.
The CrustulumiPhone 13 Pro

It's still not quite representative of the world I was momentarily blessed with, but it means a lot to me.

It means so much to me, in fact, that I posted it to my personal Instagram before even considering how I'd exploit the creativity via hiography.

Now—almost 3 hours later—here I am, writing this bland[1] entry, and sharing it on Medium in an attempt to sell out.

How long until I undeservingly and unnecessarily make it available as a limited edition print? You decide.

1. As supportively rated by Grammarly.

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