Decryption Advice

I've done a reading of Note to Self, uploaded as

There may or may not be that final period on the filename.

Anyway, all of these encrypted files I'm uploading... if you're actually interested in interacting with them, the decryption password is usually mentioned in the related post. Usually just a word, three words, or an important date.

That's a super huge giveaway. I've practically taken the challenge away from you.

I bought two Ulanzi VL49 RGB lights today. I brought them in to show Eloise and she wanted to take a picture with me lit blue on my left and red on my right. Her phone was capturing it really badly, like some old Photoshop posterised effect, but creepier.

Thankfully, iPhone 13 Pro to the rescue. AppleRAW captured it perfectly. I've uploaded it unencrypted because I'm fairly pleased with it. You can find the filename though.

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