Forty-Five Minutes

I was lying in bed, high, when I suddenly had my eureka moment. For a while I've been working on a series of projects—all a bit bonkers—and knew they'd be part of a giant project, but haven't known exactly what will contain all the projects until the timestamp of this message. It's a biography while I'm high. A high biography. A highography. I went on my phone to search for the domain, which—of course—is already registered. I shortened it to instead, and that seems to be available, but Namecheap is playing up on my phone. I jumped out bed to grab my laptop, but (uh-oh) it's in the loft where I'm setting up my office. Guess I'll have to use Ginny's instead. It'll take longer, but the first part will be live tonight.

On Ginny's laptop. It was loud next to her on the bed and woke her up; she asked me to move to the desk. I've sat on the floor instead because I need the charger.

Registered via Namecheap; it took a little longer as I didn't notice the payment had failed, it had defaulted to an expired card. I've told them to use the new details as default but it doesn't work, perhaps I'll get in touch with them tomorrow about it. is registered, now to get it live.

It's taking a little longer to log into GitHub. First, I accidentally browsed to Binance, and then once I got to GitHub I remembered I've recently updated my password to a–IMO–better format.

Held up a while as I had to install an editor, Git, and other tools onto Ginny's computer, also had to register with Netlify.

I created a public repository: my first public repository–exciting!

I've decided it'll be fun to write a script about this whole process tonight; I'm glad I decided to document it. I have an actor in mind to play me, I'll post an update tomorrow if he is interested in meeting.

I've been typing up these journals into a better format, as at first they were just scribbles on my phone. I've tried to keep timecode to get an estimate of how long it takes to start a project. It'll be the title of this post. While I was doing this, I also registered the email as I suspect I'm going to register a Twitter and Facebook for this shortly.

Hey, Twitter.

— hiography (@hiography) October 24, 2021

Propagation: and are ready.

Finished typing up my notes into this markdown file.

Realised I'd set the web urls as http instead of https, very disappointed in myself. I guess it's because I haven't really coded much since 2011 or something, probably earlier. Maybe 2008. It feels nice to get back to my roots. I was never a big fan of fancy websites, text-only is perfect. The occasional image, maybe a video or two. A lightweight CSS, or no CSS if feeling brave. I'll be putting this website live soon. I'm a little nervous, but also pretty darn excited.

Saving this file as the time it takes to go from idea to reality: /fortyfiveminutes.html

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