I consider the conception of hiography as 3 AM on the 24 October 2021, two days before my dad's 64th birthday. He passed away 7 months earlier and I was unknowingly struggling immensely with grief.

What started as a spontaneous forty-five minute moment of nonsense, developed into an entire project centered around my attempt to become self-aware and process my feelings.

As I tried to objectively consider my behaviour, I realised I was—and still am—stuck in the grieving process, and battling a plethora of physical and mental impairments.

hiography evolved into a safe place for me to be unapologetically myself as I go through this journey. Somewhere to share my thoughts, dreams, and fears. I write journal entries, scripts, poems, and silly stories, as well as creating bad photography and creepy pictures as I strive to understand and express myself better.

There's no real plan for what to do with any of it, but while it keeps my depression suppressed, I'll continue.


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